This is a U.S. Audio Whirlwind Mix-6 1 rack space audio mixer in stereo. It has a place on the top edge of the face plate that is worn, but other than that
it is in good condition and has been tested and is working great. The single space MIX-6 is a broadcast quality mixer whose unique combination of inputs can solve any mixing problem.
Inputs 1-4, and the stereo outputs, are capable of any combination of mic or line-level, XLR or 1/4", balanced or unbalanced signal. Input 5 is a stereo RCA pair,
and Input 6 is a stereo 1/4" pair (balanced or unbalanced). Additionally, Input 6 is switchable to remove it from the output buss and patch it directly to the headphone out for solo
monitoring of channel 6. The MIX-6 has a switchable stereo limiter and houses an internal power supply which can be preset for either 115 or 230 VAC. and is made in the USA