This is a re-ribboned and ready to use in a studio RCA KB-2C "Bantam" microphone with wood storage box
and 15' belden 8402 cable and the only connectors that will work with this mic the hard to find vintage Cannon brand.
This was re-ribboned with a 1.2 micron ribbon and corigated with a 64 pitch like it is suppose to. I am also including a
full size test sheet along with a smaller one permantly attached one to the wooden box. This is in excellent condition with
all original chrome and paint. It was featured in the 1950 number 58 edition of Broadcast News book by RCA.
RCA KB-2C ribbon microphone
  • RCA KB-2C ribbon mic
  • in the above photo it was being tested for frquency response with an RCA SL-12
  • RCA KB-2C ribbon microphoneCannon XLR
  • the left photo shows the Voice & Music switch    and the right photo shows the NOS Cannon connector
  • RCA KB-2C ribbon microphone
  • RCA KB-2C ribbon microphone
  • This one is set for 250 ohms