Here is a 7-19 that I restored it.  I used a powder coat on the red and a base coat clear coat on the green.
This was my second saw I restored and I did not have the exact match for the green yet so it is off a little.
I also did not zinc plate the screws or put the decals under a clear coat to protect from gas spill, but it does not
leak any gas so if you are careful they will be fine. I did completely rebuild it and replace any worn parts.
I put a new sprocket and 7/16 pitch chipper chain on it, new piston, rings and cylinder, new seals gaskets, fuel line,
new carburetor, new petcock, new starter, new muffler and have only cut down and cut up one tree with it.
The handle bar has been polished and clear coated with a tough powder coat to protect it. It has a little of
starting instructions decal rubbed off from when I used it. It runs and starts good as you can see from the movie.
7-19 stands for 7 hp-19 lbs. if you think about it that is not that heavy for the power even compared to modern saws
so this can be used for everyday cutting. It has a 20 inch hard nose bar and is ready to put to work or show off to your friends.
The Homelite 7-19 was made in 1957 and is all metal.